Register 2 people per Scout Group for Lekgotla

Thank you to those of you whom have registered to attend the event where we can talk about building Scouting in South Africa together. There have been requests to allow 2 people per Scout Group to register and attend. We are now opening the Lekgotla 2017 participation to 2 representatives from each Scout Group that has signed their SPA.

To register: Fill in the Participation-Registration-Form-Lekgotla-2017 v2 (click for form), deposit the R100 registration fee with reference “Lek2017 {Scout Group name}”, and email proof of payment and the completed form to

Please remember that the closing date for registration is 18 September 2017.

District and Regional teams

District Commissioners and Regional teams are welcome to register for the Lekgotla as well.  Regional team members will be asked to assist with the facilitation of some of the work groups.

As a number of Scout Groups have indicated they cannot attend, District Commissioners will play an important role in conveying the voices from the Scout Groups in their area.


We do not foresee any voting at the Lekgotla, but if there is something that crops up we may need to have a vote.
If your group cannot attend  proxies can be given to a District Commissioner or Scout Group Leader, or Scouter attending in that role for a Group. No Scout Group Leader or District Commissioner may accept more than two proxies. Click here for form: Proxy Lekgotla 2017

Topics that require voting prior and post the Lekgotla 2017:

  1. Scout Group Representatives on the Board of SSA: This will be done via electronic voting prior to Lekgotla and thus no proxy is necessary.
  2. Constitutional changes: A session on the proposed changes to the Constitution will be done at the Lekgotla, but electronic voting on these will only close after the Lekgotla, thus allowing Scout Groups not present at the event to have their say. Hence no proxy is needed.

Lekgotla themes / topics to be discussed

Three discussion documents will be released over the next week. These include the SSA Strategic direction, the SSA financial sustainability model and the needs of Scout Groups.

A closed Lekgotla Facebook Group has been created on the SCOUTS South Africa page where comments can be given and discussions can take place prior to the Lekgotla. Only Regional teams, DC’s and members of Scout Groups whom have signed their SPA’s will be given access to the Lekgotla Group.


The conference will run from early  morning on 6th to the end of the day on the 7th October 2017  at Eagles Nest, Kimberley. Arrival on the 5th of October and departure on the 8th of October.

Travel and regional transport

Regions have received support to provide for the transportation / travel of a limited number of Groups. Scout Groups must please apply to their Regional Commissioners as it is at their discretion who receives financial support.

If people are travelling by car and do have space for travel companions, can you please let the Regional offices know so they could put people in touch to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions.

Accommodation options

  • FREE: Camping at the venue is free. You would just need to bring your own camping equipment.
  • Hostel accommodation: If 50 people opt for hostel accommodation – the cost for this type of accommodation is R350 per person for three nights. Additional costs would include the bus fare to/from the hostel.
  • B&B accommodation: if members prefer to stay at a B&B, we can advise on options in the area, but this would need to be booked by the participants themselves. Email us:

We are looking forward to talking to you at the Lekgotla 2017!