Proud to be a Scout #WorldScoutScarfDay!

Scout scarf day 2015 As Scouts and Scout Alumni we wear our scarves with pride every year on the 1st of August #WorldScoutScarfDay.  So don’t forget to wear your scarves to school, to work, to the grocery store, etc. and show your communities that Scouts are not only around, but are also proud to be Scouting members!

What can your Scout Scarf do?

We thought it would be fun to challenge you – our Scout members – to also show what new, innovative, and practical things you do with  your scarves and post them on social media #whatcanyourscoutscarfdo #scoutssouthafrica
Check out what some of our Manco members do with their scarves HERE.

Scout Alumni

No longer a member of the Scout Movement, but still a proud Scout? Well “Once a Scout – Always a Scout!” we say, so join us in wearing your Scarf and send us those pictures!

Let’s have some FUN and SHOW SA that the Scouting adventure is alive and active in communities nationwide!

More info on Scout Scarf Day: 
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