Adult Support

Adult Training Courses

Courses are held throughout the year. The closing date is always the 15th of the month prior to the month in which the course is to be run.

  • Adult Courses for 2021 are on Scouts Digital. If you don’t have a login, please contact your SGL / DC to make sure you are registered

Course Prerequisites

Course prerequisites are documented in the Skills Card.  District Commissioners and Group Scouters are encouraged to ensure that candidates have completed the relevant section on the course Skills Card before signing up for a course.

Those who attend the Permit Phase training course must read the Pre-course Letter and complete either the Pre-course Questionnaire for Troop Scouters or the Pre-course Questionnaire for Pack Scouters.  This allows the Permit Phase course director to structure the course more appropriately to fit the profile of the candidates.

Adult Training Team

  • Paddy Milner
  • Peter Otzen – Scout Training lead
  • Quintin Combrink
  • Ahmad Solomon
  • Nicky Jonas – Cub Training lead
  • Sharon Ievers
  • Angela Hillier – Meerkat training Lead
  • Charles Prince – Rover training lead
  • Peter Statham

For regional event organisers


  • For awards, see the Adult Leaders page on the national website

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