Water Activities

This page is here as a resource dedicated to Water Activities in the Western Cape such as badge courses, manuals, registries, and many other pieces of information. If you are looking for something that is not here, then please send an email to james.stewart@scouts.org.za.

Activity Licenses
There are currently two types of activity licenses used in the Western Cape for Water Activities. There is the Water Awareness Certificate and the Water Activity License, both of which are valid for a period of five years. It is advisable that you read the Safe Scouting Policy to see what licence you need for which activity.

Water Activity Registries
Per the Safe Scouting Policy each region is required to maintain an active registry of its Water Activity License holders, these can be viewed by clicking on the relevant option below.

CASS Programme
The CASS Programme is a tool that is used by the Regional Water Activities Committee to determine if a Water Activity License is fit for renewal at the end of the five-year period. Further information can be found in the documents below.

To start logging your hours or to check your progress please click here.

Sea Scout Course Boat Repair Fund
The purpose of the fund is to ensure that groups who lend their boats for Regional Courses will not end up out of pocket should there be damages. For more information please read the below documents.

To find out when courses are being run you can view the Western Cape Calendar. All courses are booked through Scouts.Digital so you must ensure that you have an account. You can download the course manuals below.

Online Training
Outside of the in person training the Western Cape Water Activities Team offers spontaneous online training to offer some of our qualifications via the online Moodle Platform. At the moment we only offer online training for the Water Awareness certificate so as to ensure that groups can still run basic programmes with activities such as swimming (see the Safe Scouting Policy for specifics).

At present, a course will be run when five members show interest. Once we hit the five person mark we will add a course to Scouts.Digital and applications can then be made and the course will run. As such it is in your interest to get those five people as soon as possible.

To show interest, you simply need to complete the form below and we will then send out communications when a course is available on Scouts.Digital. The courses are two weeks long and will be completed in your own time within those two weeks. It is important to note that you must be registered on Scouts.Digital to take part in courses.

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