Founder’s Day celebrations

On the 22nd of February Scouts worldwide celebrate Founder’s Day to mark the birthday of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, This year it’s all about the importance of our founding values, of the glue that holds Scouts together all around the world. “How do you live your Scout Promise and Law?” To join in the fun click here!

Kontiki 2019

Calling all midgy Oompa-Loompas from Loompaland; all kiddle-eating and dream-collecting Giants of Giant-Country; all itchy-scalped, square-toed, childer-hating witches; all hairy, dirty, bird-pie loving twits; all creatures what lives in Peach Pips and beyond. We is challenging you to be joining us at the Base of Sea Scouts, where the works of Roald Dahl and your…

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