Campsite Bookings

For Hawequas, Gilray, the Scout Hut on Table Mountain and Appleton, bookings are made through Scout HQ.

Camp Fees 2022

For the Sea Scout Base and Gilray, refer to their web pages for booking information.

Bookings can be made by email or telephone. Please contact Scout HQ to check availability prior to sending your application.

Bookings will stand for 7 days, during which time a 20% (of total fees) deposit must be paid to secure the booking. The outstanding balance must be paid in full 10 days before arrival. Should the booking be within 10 days of the date booked, the 20% deposit will not be refunded.

Groups that are not in good standing will pay non-member rates.


A deposit of R300 is to be paid by any group wanting to book any of these sites. This deposit will be retained at HQ after the first booking and not be refunded. This allows groups to book on future occasions without having to pay another deposit, and also reduces admin load and cost in bank charges of deposit refunds. If groups particularly want the deposit back, they can request it.

Should there be any breakages or damage that the group are responsible for during their stay on one of these properties, this will be taken out of the R300, which will need to be ‘topped up’ before another booking can be made.

Damages in excess of R300 will be charged to the group. No further bookings will be allowed for any property until the damages have been settled in full.

Booking calendar

The calendar below covers Hawequas, Appleton and the Table Mountain Hut. Use the dropdown arrow at the top right of the calendar to see which colour corresponds to which campsite / facility.