Permit Minimum Requirements

When filling out your permit you must be sure to adhere to the Minimum Requirements else your permit runs the risk of being declined. The sections below are the ones where errors are most common.

While hard blocks will be worked into the system the final check will be made by the Permit Approvers.

Description of Activity

This section needs to be both detailed and concise. In the event of an emergency, this is the information that may end up being used to assist in aiding or rescuing you. It is best to break it down based on the day. So for example, if you are doing a two day hike across Table Mountain from Constantia Nek it must look something like this:

Day 1: Constantia Nek – Jeep track – Dams – Scout Hut
Day 2: Scout Hut – Kasteelspoort – Theresa Avenue

Escape Routes:
Day 1: Back down jeeptrack or move along contour path to Cecilia Forrest or Kirstenbosch
Day 2: Head down jeeptrack – head down Skeleton Gorge – Head to cable way and take it down

While the above is just a brief example it is required that you set out your description in a similar manner. If the Permit Approver does not deem it sufficient then they will either decline it outright or they will have you edit it until they are satisfied.

Overnight Locations

You must ensure that all overnight locations are listed here. In the event that you are moving from one to the other then it must be formatted as follows:

Day 1: Scout Hut / Day 2: Appleton

Licence Details

In the event that your activity includes Air or Water Activities you must have a valid licence holder at the event – for that part of it.


Should an emergency occur, this person will be the emergency contact. They must be a warranted scouter of Scouts South Africa else your permit will be delayed.

Emergency Facility

This should ideally be a 24 hour facility within your reach while on the activity. In the event you have selected one that is not open 24 hours then you must have confirmed that they can be contacted 24 hours and opened in case of emergency.

First Aider Details

Must be someone on the event that has relevant first aid training