Emergency Procedure – hikes

Emergency Procedure for Incidents (PDF document)

The “Contact”, is the person who is named on the Western Cape Region hiking permit, who is not on the hike and who is aware of the details of the route being undertaken by the Scouts. This person must be a warranted scouter.

The only emergency procedure to be used for any incident on all Scout hikes – be it an overdue party (over two hours late with no sign of the party), injured person, help required to evacuate a hiking party or any other problem is as follows:

The Regional Hike Advisors must be contacted immediately by the “Contact” person OR if there is cellphone reception, the most senior person/leader in the hiking party. Please contact them in the order of the list. You may text using SMS or WhatsApp or make a direct phone call depending on network availability. Telephone contact is preferred so that you can be certain that the report regarding the incident has been received. Do not assume that the message has been received if sending it by SMS or WhatsApp. If you do not get a reply within 10 minutes of sending, progress to contacting the next person on the list below.

The contact details of the Regional Hike Advisors are as follows:

The lead Regional Hike Adviser will then advise you as to what you should do. Have all the information pertaining to the hike ready:

  • Exact route.
  • Name and contact number of Leader.
  • Number of Scouts in the party.
  • Names and ages.
  • Exact location if known. WhatsApp can give a pin.

If you get through to the Regional Hike Advisor’s voice mail, please ensure that you leave all your contact details, before contacting the next regional hike advisor on the above list.

NB. Special note to Parents, Scouts and Scouters:

  • You may not organise or initiate any rescues or searches without permission from the Regional Hike Advisors. If there are any costs incurred or consequences by such action, you may be personally and financially liable.
  • You may not report incidents to the Police, WSAR, MCSA, etc. or anybody other than the Regional Hiking Advisors.
  • You may not make statements to the press or other media, including posting on Social Media.
  • Following all incidents, a debriefing meeting which may possibly be online, with the hike party and Unit Scouter will be arranged as a matter of course. This will be co-ordinated by the Regional Hike Advisors to ensure that any inadequacies in procedures or problems can be addressed for the future safety of Scouts.

November 2023