Scout Training Guide


This page is here to assist you in navigating the training processes and procedures so as to ensure that you are adequately prepared. It is important that you take note of the information below as it is a rubric for how the training team operates.

Housekeeping Note

All regionally run courses in the Western Cape are booked through Scouts.Digital. By virtue of being in a Scout Troop you should have a profile. If you are unsure of how to access it then you can contact your Troop Scouter.

Please ensure that your Scouts.Digital account is up to date, especially your email address. When you apply for a course the email address on a Scout’s profile is used for all communication. If it is old or unnoticed then you WILL miss out on important information.

For effective communication please either:
– Use an email address that the scout monitors
– Use a parent’s spare email address

It is imperative that the parent does not use their only address for the Scout’s profile as this will then block them from using their own. A Scout’s profile should either have their own email, or a spare one that the parent owns. Gmail has a very handy hack that can be used to create additional emails on one account.

Course Applications

To book a course, you must login to your account and select Training on the left hand menu. You can then specify Western Cape at the top and then choose your course. For a full explanation of how to apply for a course please CLICK HERE.

The summarized version however is:

  1. Login to Scouts.Digital and apply for your course
  2. Make payment to HQ and upload proof of payment to Scouts.Digital
  3. Await further contact from the Course Leader

Limitations on numbers (if applicable) are not enforced during the actual application process on Scouts.Digital, as this would cause logistical issues with regards to scouts being able to apply. If for example we were to limit the number of applicants to 10 on Scouts.Digital and 10 scouts applied then the 11th scout would not see the course available. This would cause issues as scouts who do not qualify would then block the ability of scouts that do. As such, the Spaces Limit is set at 500 so as to ensure all possible applications.

Course Selection Process

This section here advises how the Course Leaders select the scouts for each badge course. It is important that you understand how this works early on so as to avoid unnecessary questions and panic.

Course applications are concluded the day after the Closing Date. When processing applications, the Course Leader will enforce the following:

  1. Payment has been made and recorded
  2. The scout meets the age requirement
  3. The scout completed the necessary prior training

If a scout meets all of the above requirements then they have a good chance of being admitted onto the course. The only exception is if numbers are being actively limited.

A scout that does not meet the requirements above will not be admitted to the course. It is therefore important that attention is paid to the course requirements when booking the training so as to avoid eventual disappointment.

Course Payments

Once you have applied for a course you will need to make payment upfront. When you apply, you will receive an email to your Scouts.Digital email address that contains your course invoice. The invoice will provide the banking details, the amount to be paid, and the payment reference that you must use.

Once payment has been made you will upload the proof of payment to the course application in Scouts.Digital. Only once this has been done will your application be considered.

If your application is unsuccessful or you do not end up attending the course you will be reimbursed in an amount commensurate with the Refund Policy for Scout Courses and Competitions, which can be found at:

If you need to set up a payment plan, please contact the Course Leader immediately so as to avoid confusion and disappointment.

Understanding Course Dates

When looking through the available courses it is imperative that you pay attention to the various dates related to the course. They are:

Last Booking Date: This is the last day that you will be able to book yourself on the course. Once this date passes then you will no longer see it under active courses on Scouts.Digital. It will be two weeks before the actual course dates so best to apply as soon as possible and not leave till last minute.

Please note that two courses have different closing date structures based on the level of planning needed. They are:
– PLTU (~3 months before)
– Canoeist Interest (~6 weeks before)

Dates: These are the actual dates that the course will be held. Most courses run over two weekends, so please bear in mind that you must attend ALL the days. Failure to attend one of the days will cause you to fail the course.

Course Completion

Once you have met the course requirements the Course Leader will update the course records on Scouts.Digital and your Troop Scouter will be able to see that you have completed the course and can give you the badge.