2017 Scout Heroines Elizabeth and Nkulu Mabuza

Earlier this year we asked members to tell us who their Scout heroes are and why? From the nominees, two remarkable ladies Elizabeth “Zabe” Mabuza and Nkulu Mabuza captured the hearts of our ‘Scout Hero’ panel who decided to name this mother – daughter duo from Limpopo the “My Scout Heroines of 2017“.

Elizabeth “Zabe” Mabuza

Elizabeth joined Scouting in Limpopo in 2003 and is currently a member of the training team and the Regional Team Coordinator Scouts. She supports over 65 Groups that she personally started. In addition to the increasing number of Gold Star Awards, the impact of the Scouting programme on the lives of youth in the region is clear.  “Where Limpopo has an average teenage pregnancy rate of 13%, this rate has reduced among members to .072% over the past 14 years. The Limpopo Scouting region also has a 92% matriculation pass rate where the provincial average is 62%. Zabe, as she is known, has faithfully and enthusiastically given her life to Scouting to ensure the success of the children and adults with whom she works. She is an inspiration to children, youth and adults around her and strives to prepare them to either enter the workforce or further their studies”, states Limpopo Regional Commissioner Louise Batty.

Nkulu Mabuza

Nkulu embraced her adventures as a Scout and is now an active Rover and the Regional Team Coordinator Cubs. According to RC Louise Batty Nkulu has single-handedly turned the Limpopo Cub programme around by supporting all the Pack and Assistant Pack Scouters as well as the Field Officers. “The direct impact of her efforts can be seen in the number of Star Awards, badge achievements and advancements in the region. Nkulu passionately fulfills her role and has also become an active member of the Limpopo Training team. She is often requested by Gauteng to assist with training.”

This mother daughter duo share a passion for children and strive to see each one succeed! We are fortunate to have them on our team and are grateful for their services. They will be receiving a 65+liter hiking backpack and a K Way wheelie Holdall.