Scouts Saving Water

Level 5 restrictions have been imposed – good rains are just not falling, we can’t wait any longer – Action is needed now

W Cape Region launches “Scouts Saving Water” Program

Your scouts and Scout Group are part of the solution. Scouts in the Western Cape must be ambassadors for water saving in their communities.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing water saving ideas and key information as well as challenges with your Group to bring in water awareness to your programs and Group activities. We are linking with the Provincial Environmental Sustainability team led by Karen Shippey to assist in avoiding and/or helping if we reach day zero (taps run dry) in any areas of the Western Cape where we have Scout Groups operating. This needs YOUR WHOLE GROUP involvement – cub, scouts, rovers, leaders and parents.

Attached are a few messages on the water cycle, the lack of rainfall we are experiencing and dam levels so you can build awareness into your pack, troop and crew meetings:

This weeks challenges:

  • Launch with a flourish and build your meeting programs around the Water Cycle, Water Awareness and water saving ideas.
  • Ensure your Group actively participates in our Scouts Saving Water Awareness Project, appoint a ‘water awareness coordinator’  and email Eleanor at HQ to confirm your coordinator’s email and telephone number so that we can provide more materials and direct messaging – attachments are too big for our scouters mailing list.
  • Do a water audit of your hall or meeting place – how much water do you use (run a tap for 5 seconds into a measuring jug then x 12 = litres per minute from your taps (use the water afterwards in a kettle etc)), check if there are leaks, dripping taps and where does your rainwater go – can rainwater be harvested at your hall etc?
  • Send all your cubs and scouts home after this weeks program with a challenge to do a family water audit around their own homes or places of school or work.
  • Encourage families to challenge each other to collect the most water during an hour of rainfall – make up your own rules and challenges
  • Share your ideas with other Groups in your district or paste on our FB page

Watch the Scouters list emails and visit the Western Cape ‘Whats On’ Webpage for more info, useful slides and ideas on how your Group and members can become Scouts Saving Water at this critical time for the Western Cape.

Make it exciting, Make it fun, Make it a reality for all your Group family  – and their families too.

Scouts SA briefing_1 September 2017

water challenge info pack 1 copy