Scouts Saving Water Week 2

This week we focus on measuring your water usage

When we set targets and measure things it helps to focus our activities and actions on what we would like to achieve. Whilst that is a great lesson to pass onto your Group members, this week our challenge is to actively measure usage and draw up a action plan – specific do’s and don’ts to drive the usage down.

Thanks to those who have advised Eleanor of their Water Awareness Coordinator and for the enthusiasm some Groups have embraced the challenge with. Let your DC know how you are doing.

  • Use your hall water meter to get a reading and be prepared to check your reading every week going forward. Start a wall chart of readings and usage for all to see. Take readings before and after your meeting to see how much water you used (or better still did not use!)
  • Challenge your sixes and patrols to come up with new ways to save water at the hall (and at home). Let them post ideas on stickies on the wall, use colour dots to have a voting process and adopt the best few ideas (or all if you can).
  • Check toilets and urinals for leaks, seeping water or automatic flush systems – turn those off immediately. Last one out flush toilets.
  • Print off the attached PDF poster and place it in your hall.
  • Work out how you can harvest rainwater off your roof
  • Make sure all ideas and messages are taken home and encourage all families to adopt the practical ideas. = 50 members (cubs and scouts) = about 40 families = 120-150 people, before they encourage neighbours, friends and family members to also join the challenges. Your actions will make a difference.

Have a fun and waterless scouting week

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