Can you host Emilija or Michael in Cape Town?

Dear Western Cape Scouting families,

Prior to Covid, we had the privilege of welcoming German volunteers to Cape Town. Some of you might remember Leah, Marvin, Denya, Madita, Jana, Jula, Christian, or Paul! They assisted at the National and Western Cape Office and shop, they joined local Scout Groups and helped at local Scouting events.

We are excited to share that from the end of August 2024 we will be welcoming two new volunteers from Germany, namely Emilija and Michael! Emilija is a Scouter at the VCP Scout Group and is passionate about Scouting. Michael is passionate about sports and community service. They are keen to get involved and learn more about SA Scouting, explore Cape Town, and meet the lovely people they have heard so much about.

Two host families needed:

Whilst volunteering for SSA, they will both need a home. Preferably in the vicinity of Claremont/Rondebosch, however a bit further away is possible provided they would have access to public transport nearby.

We are looking for families who can offer Michael or Emilija a home for a period of 10 months. This time frame can be adjusted. For example, if you feel you can offer them a home for a shorter period of time, then we can find alternative accommodation for them at that time. There will be times where they will be assisting at Scout events and therefore will be staying at Scout campsites. Both volunteers will be able to contribute towards accommodation and board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The amount thereof is to be determined between you and them directly. If you can help, please email as soon as possible with the subject line “a home for our volunteers”.

Meet Emilija Maria Dimic

I am Emilija (18 years old), I live with my parents and my two cats. I’m involved with the student council and for the past eight years, I have also been a devoted VCP Scout, an experience that has not only etched lasting memories but has culminated in my role as the leader of my local Scout Group.

Music is incredibly important to me in life. Dancing and playing the guitar gives me a brief respite from all the worries of everyday life. Family is also very important to me. My father’s side of the family is originally from Serbia and my mother’s from Brazil. Reflecting on my transformative years as a Scout, I recognize the profound impact it has had on shaping my character. Instilling independence and fostering an appreciation for life’s blessings, my Scout journey has been a guiding force! The values upheld by Scouts are special, and I believe everyone should have the chance to embrace them. I am determined to use this experience to grow personally and make a positive impact on the community in which I will be working.

Meet Michael Knodt

I am Michael (will be 18 years old on arrival), I have four older siblings but am the only one living with my parents. I am passionate about sports like skating, running, swimming, climbing, and recently playing handball. I like spending time with friends and try to help out where I can. Being kind is important to me, it’s a value I learnt by growing up in a middle-class Christian household. Being part of the local skateboarding community has allowed me to be around people from varied social backgrounds and gave me the opportunity to get to know different people and understand their perspectives.

The Scout movement engages people to help and support others and better the environment around them. I really think that a difference can be made this way and that is something I could learn from. The way children and teenagers are shown how to lead their life in the future and setting them up for success through the Scouting method is something that I find admirable and want to be a part of. I enjoy being outdoors and I´m quite familiar and comfortable with it so I’m looking forward to being able to take part in hikes or being in nature in general. I’m looking forward to learning many new things and collecting unforgettable memories during my voluntary service.

Can you offer one of these young volunteers a home in Cape Town for up to 10 months from the end of August? Please email