Rayner Trophy 2020

The Rayner Trophy was held at Hawequas Scout Adventure Centre.  Great use was made on the first day of the new loop starting at the dam, up to the Adirondack hut and joining the cycle track to descend via the northern most boundary at Hawequas.  The second day comprised a loop across the Spruit River into the old MTO pine forest, Brooklyn Bridge an adventure kloofing walk down the Spruit River and loops in and around the Terraces and the next door farm.  A last minute change to the route had to be made because the old Du Toits Kloof road was closed and denied the competition access to the intended venue.  Congratulations to 1st Claremont for winning the Rayner Trophy competition for the third time in a row.  Well done to 2nd Somerset West for coming second and 1st George for coming third.  It was most pleasing to see 1st George drive all the way to Cape Town specially for the Rayner.

Well done and many thanks to the judges, parents and of course Scouts who all made the event pan out successfully.

Rayner Trophy 2020 Winners

Rayner Trophy 2020 Team Mark Sheets

Rayner Trophy 2020 Score Breakdown