Help us with the Hawequas Fynbos Restoration Project

Our Fynbos restoration project at Hawequas is making fantastic strides in the battle to remove and control Invasive Alien vegetation. Tackled with Military strategy, Kuba, Nigel, John Wilson and Tony Rebelo with the help of others have mapped out the ‘enemy’ and planned the attacks. Since starting in 2019 a combination of Conservation Courses, Rover service projects, Staff effort, John Wilson personal weeks of clearing and a small team employed once a week under John’s supervision have managed to remove and control large areas of thick invasive growth plus with careful monitoring are preventing regrowth in cleared areas.
This has been a huge effort by many including Youth members, Rovers, adult leaders and volunteers. Key to the efforts are our local team employed and trained by John to remove, cut and where necessary poison the roots. An earlier appeal for support, as well as some kind donations from Groups and friends of Hawequas have allowed us to get this far.
The battle is far from over, but we are winning for sure. However our funding has run dry and we need urgently to fund the project going forward. To date we have spent R57 000 over the 4 years since we started after the big fires, and have achieved great results when combined with our member efforts and using our Conservation courses and even competitions, to provide real ‘hacking and clearing’ opportunities and sometimes have fun during challenges like the highest or most foliage cleared during a hack. R860 provides a days work for the team members, once a week.
The attached map shows the progress and the areas tackled so far. A detailed spreadsheet of costs and areas cleared is kept to assist in managing the project.
Please consider or encourage your friends and scout supporters to donate to our Fynbos Restoration Project as a way of thanking the wider team for the efforts and success achieved to date. Your contribution can assist us to keep the project going, provide much needed employment and ‘Do a Good Turn’ today to the planet as we will be able to continue to remove invasive aliens and give Fynbos on Hawequas a chance to restore.
By EFT to Scouts SA Western Cape – contact us for bank details. Use the reference Fynbos restoration: Name.
Or by Snapscan: